魚介類はより多くの人々 を養える





Nov 13, 2023

Fish and seafood could feed many more people


A new study by an international research team finds that with better management and reduced waste, the amount of wild fish and seafood available per capita can be doubled without increasing the pressure on global fisheries.

The study suggests two main strategies:
(1) increasing the consumption of small pelagic fish, such as herring, sardines, and anchovies, which are currently often discarded.
(2) turning edible byproducts from seafood processing into marketable food products.

Both strategies require innovation by the food industry, to make small pelagic species and new fish-based products attractive to consumers. Although the researchers point out that their calculation represents a hypothetical scenario where all fish waste and illegal catches have been eliminated, the findings indicate the scale of the problem and the potential for improvement.