4REVS connects ecosystem operators around the world with companies and public institutions around the world
It is a platform that connects businesses and public organizations around the world to solve humanity's problems.

4Revs (= 4 Revolutions) is a non-profit organization that supports problem-solving activities and businesses in each of the four domains by connecting young social entrepreneurs, social innovators, and sustainability practitioners with companies and public institutions around the world in order to solve the "four survival challenges" facing humanity. Nellis is an organization that supports activities and businesses to solve issues in each of the four domains.

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About 4Revs

4Revs was launched in 2020.

4Revs was launched in 2020 to promote collaboration between Japanese companies and global social entrepreneurs and sustainability practitioners in the areas of food, water, resources, and energy, the "four survival challenges" facing the world, and to find clues for innovation originating in Japan. 4Revs Co-Creation Ecosystem =The 4Revs Co-Creation Ecosystem is a unique co-creation platform that extends around the world to help participating companies solve issues and develop their businesses.




Specifically, approximately 70 young social innovators, social entrepreneurs, and sustainability practitioners from 110 countries on six continents discover and uncover the "seeds" of innovation related to four survival issues, provide them to participating Japanese companies, and support discussions and business model creation in accordance with the themes. The program also supports discussions and business model creation in accordance with the themes. With the aim of strengthening "innovation needs" and "partnership building" + "capacity building" (including both R&D + business creation + HR aspects) of companies and public institutions, approximately 240 people from 25 Japanese companies and institutions have participated (as of May 2023).

If you are interested in developing next-generation business leaders or co-creating next-generation businesses, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form on the 4Revs Activity Introduction website.

4Revs concept of "Ecosystem of Co-Creation" as the foundation of our activities

The 4Revs movement envisions an unprecedented co-creation ecosystem (innovation ecosystem) whose raison d'etre is to lead the way to solutions to the "four survival challenges" facing humanity.

It is a unique global co-creation platform that connects young social entrepreneurs, social innovators, and sustainability practitioners around the world with companies and public organizations to collaborate and co-create next-generation innovations in the four areas.

Activities of 4Revs

4REVS plans and carries out activities in each of the three streams with their own annual programs.


A program to explore sustainability innovation through the latest global trends, research in the 4Revs field, and domestic and international exchanges.


This program aims to develop "in-house entrepreneurs" who can convert social issues into value through learning basic knowledge and utilization methods, interaction among participants, and participation in business contests.


A program that aims for zero-based "emergent business co-creation" (open innovation among companies) through business planning and business model development through cultural meetings and cross-industrial exchanges.

IT Platform <Community Page>

The annual schedule, information on each session, communication among members, and archives of past sessions will be shared on a unique IT platform , which was developed in cooperation with Salesforce Japan.


Joint research on 4Revs-related themes will be conducted under the theme setting and facilitation by the overseas research team.
Meta-analysis (cross-sectional analysis) and discussions toward the creation of a handbook will also be conducted.

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Theme Community

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Co-Creation Ecosystem Overview

Participating Companies

4Revs is funded by annual participation fees from companies and public organizations.

ASKUL Corporation

Suntory Holdings Limited.

Salesforce Japan Co.,Ltd.


Taneya Co.,Ltd.

Teijin Limited

Toshiba Corporation

Nikken Sekkei Ltd.

NEC Corporation (NEC)

Panasonic Corporation

Hitachi, Ltd.

Fuji Oil Co.,Ltd.

Marubeni Corporation

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Meiji Holdings Corporation

Yokogawa Electric Corporation


Kyocera Corporation



Daiken Corporation

Tokyo Electron Limited


Marui Group Inc.

Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Corporation

Lion Corporation

4Revs Organizational Structure


The 4Revs ecosystem is managed by the following companies and organizations, centered on NELIS (Next Leaders' Initiative for Sustainability), a non-profit organization established in Japan.


NELIS is a non-profit organization established in Japan, a global network of young social innovators, sustainability practitioners, and next-generation leaders spanning six continents (approximately 100 countries). NELIS serves as the global secretariat for the 4Revs and organizes the implementation and research teams through regional research.


A general incorporated association in Japan, working through a global network with a thematic focus very similar to that of the 4Revs. It has been involved in a wide variety of activities, including organizing the Sustainable Cities Summit and serving as the Japanese secretariat for the Earthshot Prize, which is presided over by Prince William of the United Kingdom. In particular, he collaborates as a co-operator of the Global Innovation Center (GIC).


A social venture with offices in six Latin American countries, 4Revs is a multifaceted innovation challenge and ecosystem-building initiative that utilizes an online platform with approximately 1 million registered "creative minds" from 100 countries. Participated in the implementation of the Global Innovation Challenge.


Salesforce Japan, as a technology partner of 4Revs, will cooperate and participate in providing IT support and building a database of 4Revs case studies.


mct (Japan) is a Japanese consulting firm whose activities focus on design thinking, business development support, and team building. They serve as an implementation support partner as well as a secretariat for Red Stream, 4Revs individual tools, etc.


As a PR firm, responsible for managing 4Revs public website and public relations.

research & support team

We have a team of 12 researchers in 11 countries around the world who provide implementation and support.

Katie Conlon
United States
Katie Conlon

Jovin Hurry
Jovin Hurry

Taylor Smythe
United States
Taylor Smythe

Frantz Dhers
Frantz Dhers

Noemi Salantiu
Noemi Salantiu

Lucas Sanchez Martinez
Lucas Sanchez

Puja Thiel
United Kingdom
Puja Thiel

Salam Al-Khateeb
Salam Al-Khateeb

Shravan Shankar
India (Asia)
Shravan Shankar

Taylor Smythe
Ilaria Brambilla

Felix Iziomoh
Nigeria (Africa)
Felix Iziomoh

Taylor Smythe
Costa Rica
Christopher Brosse

Japan Office

Japan Secretariat1 Japan Secretariat2 Japan Secretariat4 Japan Secretariat7 Japan Secretariat9 Japan Secretariat10

About NELIS, a non-profit organization

NELIS has held three Next Generation Leader Summits in Japan in 2015, 2017, and 2018 in collaboration with Ritsumeikan University and Sophia University, as well as one European Summit and two African Summits in collaboration with the University of Helsinki and Lagos State University. NELIS has formed a community of young social innovators (mainly under the age of 40) in 33 countries around the world, and has established local affiliates in Nigeria, Singapore, and Uganda, in addition to Japan.

NELIS members are involved in a wide range of sustainability topics. Sustainable forest management, sustainable management of ecosystems, food, organic agriculture, permaculture, circular economy, plastics issues, urban planning, transportation, climate change, "hard" areas such as energy (energy creation, energy conservation), water, sustainable finance, next-generation leadership The 4Revs are comprised of a diverse group of members with expertise in "soft" areas, such as next-generation leadership, communication experiences through art, environmental education for children, new learning and education paradigms, social change activities through empathy, nonviolent communication, and social entrepreneurship development.

Discussions are held both online and offline with business representatives participating in the 4Revs (language support is provided by the secretariat through consecutive interpretation). Many of the members run their own businesses in their home countries, and their strength lies in their ability to make proposals for commercialization, as well as in their mobility and networking skills.

In April 2023, they are launching the One Million Leaders App, a tool to partner, connect, and empower millions of young sustainability leaders worldwide.


Name: NPO NELIS - Global Network of Next Generation Leaders
English name: NELIS - Next Leaders' Initiative for Sustainability
Establishment: January 30, 2015 (general incorporated association), NPO from August 3, 2020
Representative Director: Peter D. Piedersen (Professor, Shizenkan Graduate University)
Secretariat: 1-22-5-401 Nakamachi, Musashinoshi, Tokyo 180-0006, Japan
Website: https://nelisglobal.org