abillion – 世界規模でプラントベースの食事へ移行








Dec 31, 2022

abillion - Driving the global transition to a plant-based diet



Animal-based diets are currently responsible for about 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. As a result of the over-consumption of animal-based foods like meat and dairy, emissions from the sector have increased by about 50% since 1990. This trend of unsustainable diet is also unhealthy for humans, as more adults than ever before are dying because of lifestyle-related diseases.

Increasing awareness, improving accessibility, and society’s commitment influence the transition to sustainable and healthier diets, globally. Singapore-based social media platform, abillion, uses influencers to focus on large-scale behavior change to enable this transition. abillion also offers a global user base with access to over 100,000 restaurants offering vegan food options, and supports them through funding support and other means.

abillion’s approach will build more demand and justification for the production and supply of sustainable and healthier diets. This is a need as our population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, where current trends will only lead to more emissions and unsustainable outcomes. A plant-based food transition has the potential to turn the food and agriculture sector into a carbon sink, from currently contributing to one-fourth of all emissions.

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